public liability claim

Public Liability Insurance – How to Make a Claim

Think you might be entitled to make a public liability claim? Whilst a huge number of incidents take place in public spaces, claims can also be brought related to incidents occurring in private residences. If you’re keen to press on with your claim you will need to take up the matter with the Injuries Board.


Introducing the Injuries Board

A governing body responsible for assessing personal injury awards, the Injuries Board dealt with around 5000 claims in 2018, with the average claim being approximately €22,656. The procedure for making a claim is relatively straightforward:


  • Visit the website – and complete the online application form.
  • Submit the report with a copy of your medical report.
  • Pay the €45 processing fee.


What Happens After a Claim Has Been Made?

When the person you are claiming against (the respondent) receives the claim, he or she will usually contact their insurance company to inform them. On occasion, it might be necessary for the claimant to undergo an independent medical examination. Once everything is taken care the Injuries Board will assess the facts and rule on any compensation to be awarded.


Both parties need to accept the ruling in order for the claimant to be paid. If the respondent accepts the ruling then compensation will be paid via cheque, to the claimant. If the respondent refuses to accept the ruling then the claimant will need to go through the courts, which can take around seven months.


Can Anyone Submit a Claim on My Behalf?

You might prefer to let an appointed solicitor handle your claim for you. Solicitors are obviously highly-skilled in this area, but you will need to consider the prospect of paying additional fees for their assistance. Solicitors in this field tend to offer a “no win-no fee,” contract.


Claiming Compensation

It’s essential that you think carefully before making a claim, there’s been a huge increase in personal injury claims (a rise of around 25 per cent since 2007). This is attributed to the forceful approach taken by claim handling negotiators. Potential claimants are now actively pursued, and whilst it’s fair to make a claim when deserved, some set out to exaggerate the situation in order to obtain a pay-out.


If you do think you’re are entitled to pursue a claim, you can check out details of compensation awards on the Injuries Board website. Awards vary dependant on the injury e.g. If you break a tooth you can expect up to as €11,100, whereas a skull injury could result in an award of between €23,300 and €129,000.